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Type 2 Diabetes results from an elevated and persistent levels of glucose in the blood. This arises from incorrect production or use of Insulin and needs to be addressed with drugs like Emfor. It is composed of Metformin which allows insulin to work correctly. It also reduces glucose production in the liver as well as absorption in the stomach. Consult your doctor for the right dosage for you.

Metformin improves hyperglycemia through suppression of hepatic glucose production.Metformin increases insulin sensitivity, enhances peripheral glucose uptake and decreases absorption of glucose from the gastrointestinal tract.

Category: Antidiabetic
Indication: Type 2 Diabetes mellitus, especially accompanies with obesity. PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome)
Drug Composition: Metformin 500/1000 mg SR per tablet.
Dosage: O.D.
Contraindications: Diabetic ketoacidosis or pre-coma, renal or hepatic insufficiency. Cardiac & respiratory failure. Recent M.I.
Precautions: Serious ionfection / trauma. Confirm normal function before starting & monitor periodically.
This product is currently only available in India against valid prescription from a Registered Medical Practitioner. This is not an offer for sale.