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Adrenochrome Mono-Semicarbazone facilitates haemostasis by causing constriction of cut capillary ends and Vitamin-K and Calcium-Other are blood coagulation factors. Rutin & Vitamin-C increases the resistance of capillaries.

Category: Haemostatic
Indication: Haemoptysis, Haematemesis, Melena, Dental Bleeding.
Drug Composition: Injection: Adrenochrome Mono semicarbazone. Tablet: Adrenochrome Mono semicarbazone, Rutin, it-K, Vit-C, Vit-D, Calcium dibasic Phosphate.
Dosage: 1-2 tablets T.I.D. 1-2 ampules at 6 hour intervals in pre- and post-operative situations.
Contraindications: First trimester of pregnancy and lactation.
Precautions: Use with caution in children, patients over 60, pregnancy and in lactation. Since the product contains diprophyline (70 mg/ml), the dosage of the 5 mg/ml injection to premature babies, infants and young children should not exceed 0.3 ml.
This product is currently only available in India against valid prescription from a Registered Medical Practitioner. This is not an offer for sale.