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The company started its operation in the year 1945 under the leadership of its founder, Mr. Gour Gopal Saha. Initially known as the Standard Medical Research Institute, the company quickly earned its reputation as one of the most innovative organizations in India. The name was later abridged to Stadmed.

It is a name widely recognized today for its pioneering pharmaceuticals. It was the first company in India to produce an amino acids based enzyme and blockbuster products like Alkasol, Pulmocod, Aminozyme and Entrozyme (among others) continue to satisfy generations of patients, aiding in their speedy recovery.

Tablet Packaging
Stadmed's manufacturing process: The perfect synergy between man and machine assures nothing but excellence in all aspects of our products.
Tube Production Line
Dedicated production lines for our tube based products ensures quality and efficiency for our tube based products.
Tablet Production
The manufactured medicine is condensed into its tablet form using our top-of-the-line equipment. These tablets that are produced are then sent to packaging machines downstream.
Bottle Production Line
Stadmed's top production line consists of syrups and liquid based products. We use our decades of experience in this field to create the best medication for you.

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