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It all began with a shooting star, a man of genius and vision: Mr. Gour Gopal Saha started the Standard Medicals Research Institute circa 1945 with the objective of attending to the medicinal needs of Bengal. Historically, this was around the time when pharma-manufacturing was gaining prominence in the Eastern part of India, continuing the proud tradition of luminaries like Dr. Prafulla Chandra Roy.

The company started with a manufacturing facility in a part of North Calcutta. At the time its operations were confined to the preparation of oral liquid-based products like cough syrups, digestive aids and nutritional tonics.

Subsequently circa 1950, the institute was incorporated into a private limited company and in 1951 it acquired its modern abridged name: Stadmed. This started a phase of rapid expansion and growth. The first acquisition was a large piece of land in the Dumdum suburb of Calcutta near the airport where the first manufacturing plant was constructed.

Bolstered by the new facilities, liquid products like Alkasol (a systemic alkalizer), which to this day remains one of our star therapeutics, quickly made headway into the market. Pulmocod, which is prescribed for pulmonary diseases and Aminozyme – a nutritional supplement made from amino acids, joined Alkasol’s popularity among our consumers.

Quickly progressing to tablet production and injections, the repertoire of Stadmed’s innovations was started and expanded during this period as well. Entrozyme became the “go to” treatment to deal with diarrhea and continues to be a favorite of the medical community. Other areas that Stadmed ventured in included analgesics, antispasmodics, and antipyretics.

In the next decade (1951-1959), Stadmed expanded its line of products and enlarged its marketing activities outside of West Bengal in states such as Orissa, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The team now consisted of more than 200 employees and the network spanned capital cities across India augmented by retailers and distributors. Stadmed became a staple in renowned medical colleges and our products gained the confidence of top medical professionals to be the most reliable and trustworthy. We have been maintaining the highest of standards from our very inception.

The untimely demise of our titan Mr. Gour Gopal Saha in 1959 was a severe setback for the company and it was not until much later in 1976 that the company started gaining ground again. In 1984, Stadmed setup the second of its two largest manufacturing plants in the city of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. The increase in production capacity greatly improved our position in the market. Formulation and Development was also expanded, and we forayed into diabetic, cardio, psychiatric medications as well as oinment production.

The next two decades saw a period of unprecedented growth under the able guidance of Mrs. Sujata Saha who oversaw the activities of the board, serving as a bridge for the rest of the members: Mr. Asheesh Roy, Dr. Anjan Roy and Mr. Amit Ray. Mrs. Saha moved on to her next life peacefully in the company of her loved ones in 2016 leaving a robust and thriving enterprise.

Under the current leadership, the company has flourished as a result of modernization and directed efforts to increase overall efficiencies. Additionally, new products have been introduced that expand our arsenal: today we are manufacturing more than 40 products and continuing our proud tradition in innovation. Our team now directly employs more than 500 members, with more than 2000 people being affiliated with us in various capacities.

Stadmed is now interested in expanding its mission of excellence and innovation in offshore operations. Explore our website to find out more and contact us with your questions. We would love to hear from you!

Mrs. Sujata Saha
Mrs. Sujata Saha
Stadmed's MD was a Force of Nature
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