Our Operations

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Our manufacturing plants are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to manufacture the highest quality of products possible.
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Our manufacturing plant located in Lucknow is the newest addition to the Stadmed arsenal. We are currently in the process of updating it to expand our production capabilities.
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The production unit in Kolkata is the oldest of our facilities, being active since the 50's. However, the "old faithful" has remained a steadfast workhorse and we are continuously updating it with the latest equipment to ensure our uncompromising standards.
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A full look at the manufacturing plant in Kolkata should inspire nothing but confidence in our production capabilities. Our cutting edge capabilities ensures the highest of standards in our medicines.
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Our biggest Formulation and Development unit is located in Kolkata. This facility is equipped with latest in quality assessment tools and laboratory facilities needed for strict compliance of products with regulatory agencies such at the ISO and cGMP.
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Main Manufacturing Units

  • Kolkata, WestBengal &
    Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery.
  • Handled by skilled, efficient, and fastidious personnel.

Formulation & Development

  • Innovate formulations and technologies.
  • Perpetually assess and evaluate methodologies to ensure integrity of our products.
  • World-class scientists equipped with cutting-edge technology.

    Quality Control

    • All our products are continuously assessed.
    • Specialists are equipped with latest systems to ensure smooth and efficient functioning.
    • Complete compliance with ISO and cGMP international standards.

      Marketing Operations

      • Span all over India.
      • Expanding global operations in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe.
      • Our production lines are extensive, and our ultra-efficient systems are currently manufacturing more than 40 products.
        • All-star brands like Alkasol, Aminozyme, Pulmocod, Paracin and Entrozyme.
      • Below, we illustrate stages of production in creating Entrozyme
        • Composition has been virtually unaltered ever since our founder Mr. Gour Gopal Saha formulated it in 1940!
      STEP #1 in entrozyme manufacturing
      Mix It Up!
      The first step is combining the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). This is achieved by placing them in the Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG) together with some binding agents. The machine then mixes these ingredients at ultra-high speeds for a short time. This will make dough-like lumps which is ready for the next step.
      STEP #2 in entrozyme manufacturing
      Baking the Goods
      The dough pellets from the last step are put into the Fluid Bed Drier (FBD). In this step, highly pressurized air of the highest grade (class 1) is introduced into the chamber. The air dries the pellets to the desired consistency. All aspects of the process can be controlled in this impressive machine, which is capable of processing 150 Kg worth of materials per hour!
      STEP #3 in entrozyme manufacturing
      Add The Seasoning
      The dried pellets from the previous step is typically first sent to a multi-miller which enables us to customize the size and shape of the granules. These are then sent to the blender shown here. This part of the process happens at room temperature that allows addition of bonding agents and supplements like vitamins.
      STEP #4 in entrozyme manufacturing
      Composing The Creation
      The granules from the previous step are fed into the tablet compression machine to form the actual tablets. This machine is a high speed 35 station unit capable of producing up to 75,000 tablets per hour.
      STEP * in entrozyme manufacturing
      Taste Check!
      Throughout every step of the tablet creation process, our Quality Control team will test the quality of the intermediate products. This is done to ensure our products meet the highest standards expected by our customers.

      Shown here is a table dissolution machine that checks the rate at which the table dissolves - a crucial property in understanding how the tablet will be handled by the human digestive system.
      step #3 in Entrozyme Manufacturing
      Finishing Touches
      The final step, after the tablets are baked and cut out into the desired shape and size, is packaging. The pills are sorted and arranged into the desired pattern and pressed between the metallic sheets, which are then cut into the desired packaging specifications. This process is also overseen by our quality assurance staff so that the final product you receive is nothing short of the excellence you have come to expect from us.
      Final Notes
      Please note that we have only shown some of the key steps in the production of the actual medicine. We have already mentioned that testing is done at every step to ensure that we are in compliance with all regulatory agencies. Our materials, ingredients and products are thoroughly vetted by our quality control staff to ensure the health and safety of our customers. So relax. You are in good hands.
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